psychology of digital currency

psychology of digital currency

OPEC group announced that its subsidiary okcoin Japan has successfully passed the approval of the financial agency of Japan and won the license of Japan digital currency exchange. Okcoin has become the first and the only digital currency exchange recognized by the Japanese financial agency through its own application, according to the group. At the same time, okcoin Japan, as a psychology of digital currencycompliance exchange regulated by the financial agency of Japan and with a Japanese legal currency channel, will provide services to individuals living in Japan or registered enterprises in Japan in the future. The first batch of Japanese yen, French currency and currency transactions of five digital currencies including BTC, BCH and eth were launched. Okcoin said to Lianwen that it had several opportunities to acquire Japanese licensed companies at a price of about 10 million US dollars, but still insisted on obtaining the license through independent application. The main reason is that okcoin hopes that its technology, products, team, compliance system and internal management system will be reviewed and confirmed by Japanese regulatory authorities.

Matrixport, a cryptocurrency financial service company newly founded by Wu Jihan, founder of bit mainland, has been identified as the matrix endpoint matrix endpoint matrixport one-stop digital asset financial service platform, which provides convenient transaction, high-quality price, zero handling fee, extremely low interest rate and safe pledge loan service. It is also the industry's leading-edge security design and infrastructure, rich and flexible custody Financial management function. Matrixport, founded in January 2019 by Wu Jihan and Ge Yuesheng, is your gateway to the digital world,

Compared with the typical DAG technology projects such as byteball, the system security is improved at the consensus level. According to, bitcoin, Ethereum. In bitcoin system, if different miner nodes generate multiple legal blocks at a certain time, only one block will be included in the blockchain account book as time goes by, and other legal blocks have to be eliminated, which means that the miner node consumes a lot of computing power but does not get any reward, that is, it is a waste of energy and it is difficult to improve the system throughput. In order to improve the speed of block output, Ethereum adopts ghost algorithm and designs the reward mechanism of tertiary block. While only one legal block is reserved in the chain ledger, other concurrent legal blocks are included as tertiary blocks in the ledger, and the tertiary block reward is given to make the system faster, more fair and smoother. However, in Ethereum, transactions in the Shu block are considered invalid, and the system throughput is still not high enough. Conflux adopts DAG technology, and the miner node can generate blocks in parallel / concurrent manner without worrying about the elimination or invalidation of legal blocks. At present, DAG technology is the only way to improve transaction concurrency and system throughput. Compared with the previous DAG technology projects, conflux tree diagram has made two important technical adjustments or improvements: 1. The vertex v of DAG ledger is block DAG, while vertex v of DAG ledger of byteball is a separate transaction TX DAG; 2. Conflux uses ghost algorithm to generate the main chain, which conflux capsychology of digital currencylls pivot chain axis chain, while byteball uses witness method. The conflux consensus mechanism and experimental data are implemented under the bitcoin source code framework, that is, the algorithm of block generation follows the pow workload proof mechanism of bitcoin. According to the experimental data of conflux, the throughput can reach 5.78gb/s, the confirmation time is 4.5-7.4min, and the transaction speed is 6000tps. Its transaction speed is 11.62 times faster than ghost or bitcoin and 3.84 times higher than algorand. Conflux tree diagram blockchain view more, reach cooperation,

Coinbase was also the first fintech app that used to rank first in the app store, once exceeding the downloads of Twitter and Uber. At the same time, it helps the U.S. government to train the blockchain expertise, and help and promote the industry regulation of the U.S. government. Coinbase see more and circle Internet financial, a Boston based bitcoin startup, develops tools for consumers to use bitcoin. Once upon a time, circle provided payment, transfer, zero cost cross-border trading and other services for consumer grade bitcoin wallet tools. However, they are transforming into a real cryptocurrency service enterprise rather than an exchange or payment service startup company, changing the positioning of the company in the past. Since its establishment, the company has been favored by capital, with investors including Goldman Sachs, IDG capital, bitcontinental and Pantera capital, a hedge fund. Circle will aim at one of the most important elements of the crypto economy. They have acquired poloniex, an old cryptocurrency exchange, and have taken some tokens off the trading platform. They are planning to issue usd-c benchmarking US dollars through their own centre project to promote their products and services, which will be supervised and supported by real government currency. Stabilizing digital currency stablecoin project will become the key to circle's maturity and continuous expansion. As a part of mobile payment application, OTC business and its exchange service, the project aims to solve the problems perceived by the global cryptocurrency trading platform and market leaders, and replace the central banking business with high-tech products. Centre consortium announced the appointment of David puth, a financial industry veteran, as its new chief executive. David puth will be responsible for expanding the centre membership and promoting the adoption of its stable currency, as well as working with global regulators to introduce a new legal digital currency (stable currency) based on the centre standard. David puth worked for JPMorgan for 19 years as head of money, commodities and emerging markets, according to LinkedIn,

Many banks may be trying to change their mandate to allow them to invest in these asset classes, and more limited partners will also require theirpsychology of digital currency GP to invest in encryption.

It aims to build a more global, free and reliable internet. Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum cerc20erc721ercethereum view more, proving that Ethereum plays a certain role in the construction of this patented technology. Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, commented that the patent application proves that private companies are also working for the future of digital currency.