Digital currency revolution

Digital currency revolution

According to the report of Fujian TV Gang group, many people in Quanzhou disclosed to the column that they had been cheated by digital currency trading. The exchange involved was called mark exchange, with a total amount of about 2.5 billion yuan, and about 100000 people were suspected of participating in position management. This exchange uses a form of Taobao to flush orders for the exchange. The specific process is to allow users to swipe orders and drain (or position management). The funds are converted into digital assets and then traded in mark exchange, and then the proceeds are obtained by trading digital currencies. Mark was Digital currency revolutionclosed in the middle of last month. The block chain address of 2 billion usdt transferred out by mark exchange and several senior core leaders involved in the case have been monitored by the police.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a paper to discuss the topic of central bank digital currency (CBDC). The IMF believes that they can help banks in three aspects: promoting the discussion of policy topics, convening relevant parties to discuss policy options, and helping countries formulate policies. This paper introduces the IMF's views on the central bank's digital currency in the form of four questions. The first question is about how the IMF can help central banks, and they also think that each country must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the central bank's digital currency according to the specific situation; the second is about how the IMF views the progress and implementation of CBDC. The article thinks that the Libra launched by Facebook and the CBDC to be launched by China mean that central banks' interest in CBDC is increasing;

For digital currency issuance and other services. Visa said fast track participation worldwide increased 360% year-on-year. At the same time, in the development of digital currency, visa has Crypto.comCrypto.comMonaco Cryptocurrency visa card based on Ethereum smart contract. With Monaco, you can directly consume bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. in the card. No matter online or offline, as long as you hold Monaco, you can enjoy the best exchange rate. The Monaco team has the dual genes of traditional financial institutions and the Internet. The CEO of the company is the former co-founder of the largest flash purchase e-commerce business in Southeast Asia. The e-commerce company founded by the company has obtained investment from vipshop, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Fidelity Fund and other financial institutions; the CFO of the company is the former CFO of MasterCard mobile payment; the consultant team has former visa executives. This means that the company has obvious advantages in risk compliance, card issuing and partner. In addition, monacovisa has entered into a partnership with a world-renowned card issuer, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has a full range of banking licenses in Germany. The payment processing platform is fully certified by MasterCard and visa, which conforms to the first level pcidss standard. Companies such as cromcocryptomco view more (UK) are working closelyDigital currency revolution to connect digital money to its existing 61 million merchant network. Note: FastTrack program is selected by visa from all over the world for innovative enterprises. After joining, the members are qualified to directly connect with the resources provided by visa global payment network, including issuing co branded visa cards to jointly provide various innovative products and financial services to global users.

Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard said on Thursday that the Federal Reserve is currently conducting research and testing based on a hypothetical digital dollar to establish and test virtual currencies for central bank purposes, according to a report by Bloomberg. In addition to the internal team of the Federal Reserve, research teams from the Boston fed and MIT also participated in the research and development. According to James Cunha, senior vice president of the Boston fed who oversees the project, the first step is to build engines and software that can meet the demand for digital money. From huge transaction volume to security and privacy, there are multiple challenges. But it is not clear whether the digital currency will be officially issued.

At the same time, it will continue to assist cities and state governments at all levels in the United States to formulate relevant laws and regulations for the blockchain industry and promote the application of encrypted digital economy. Cred said the addition of mayor ally Medina will help cred accelerate a number of key businesses, including global merchant solution, a global merchant payment solution based on LBADigital currency revolution token, launched last month. According to the data of, cred is an open financial ecosystem of encrypted digital currency based on blockchain technology. Cred has reached cooperation with a number of industry-leading companies and commercial insurance institutions. Cred's financial service products have landed and covered users in 183 countries around the world.